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Creation CR630 HELP!

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Hi Peeps,
I recently brought a Creation CR630 cutter off ebay.
Once i recived it I started connecting it to pc. But i can't.
It is a usb connection which i have conneced to usb serial port (com3). As i plug in machine it spots a usb but not the machine.
I've browsed the web downloading drivers and still nothing. I think once it picks up machine i'll be able to start cutting.
I've been on the website which unfortunatly is china based and downloaded driver sent emails with no reply and tried calling the UK office but office is closed still (not sure if it's open ever)
Thought i'd be able to use straight from corel draw by selecting print.

Can somebody help me please.
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To print from Coreldraw you need the plugin. you cannot use like a printer. In the usb section of device manager there should be a 'Creation USB Board' entry when the cutter is connected and switched on. If so it has loaded the driver correctly. 'Creation USB Board' is then selected as the output in the cutting software you are using. You can download the plugin for direct cutting from Coreldraw and Illustrator from the downloads section at PCS Imports
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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