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Creating art for Distortion Printing

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Creating distorted Art for thermoforming.
Anyone know an application that does this with your art? Can it be accomplished in Illustrator? (besides cad). Any examples of art ready for forming would be great.

thanks for any help :)
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I don't know anything about distortion printing so disregard this comment if it doesn't fit.
In Photoshop create your image the actual size with image/image size. Then go to the layers pallet and drag the image down to New Layer icon to create a 'background copy'.
Select the background copy and 'Select All'. Delete the contents.
Select the top layer and then do -Edit/Transform/Warp.
If you click any corner or node you will be able to pull it around. Enter to fix it. You can do this several times until it is all cock-eyed to your liking.
Select the Layer tab and then Flatten Image.
Hope this is of some use to you. Bruce.
You can also select part of the image with a selection tool (such as the polygonal lasso tool) and then edit/transform/warp but do this carefully or you'll tear away from the bulk of the image.
thank you for your reply. This I can try! Usually when there are replies it make my brain work more! thanks again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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