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Creating a Stitch effect with Vinyl

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Does anyone know how to create a stitch effect on vinyl so it looks like it is an embroidery. I saw a video on you tube that showed the finished product a while ago but I cant find the link now.

Im going to try just manually putting lines around the letters to see if I get the desired result however its going to be very time consuming if I use it on different designs. Anyone have any ideas?
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Was it possibly done with printed vinyl? If you were to actually cut the vinyl to look like stitching the weeding would drive you insane by the time you were finished. It may have been done with flock or suede vinyl and regular vinyl for an outline to help seal the edges, I have seen that done before.
design studio from digital art solutions has the font style that is embroidary style along with lots of new style items.... but the program is expensive....
I haven't seen it, but would like to check it out. Culd you post the link please? .... JB
Clipart:Design Studio

rhinestones, embroidary and other cool stuff...im saving $$ to order both sets.......... sts
sorry......link is for the software for screenprinting designs... not actual vinyl transfers...
They do have the satin stitch maker on their smart designer software, but I am not sure how this would work cutting vinyl. You can print the satin stitch and it does look exactly like it is stitched. Here is a link to their website, I tried to see if they had a tutorial for the satin stitch but couldnt find one. But here is a link to smart designer Artwork, Software, Hardware, Consumables for the imprinting industry

Here is a pic of a design I made for a little boy that was doing a walk for mitocondrial disease. Dont mind that it wasnt perfect :) I cant find the pic that I took after I lined it up better and printed it in the shirt. The lettering was done with the satin stitch in smart designer, as well as the drop shadow effect.


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Hmmm? The first thing that comes to mind is to make a custom brush in Adobe Illustrator. I would think someone here has made custom brushes in Illustrator outside of me. I played with it once or twice but I don’t think I’m the man to show anyone how. What does everyone else think?
hey leo:

when i think of a stitch effect with vinyl i think of the 'pro athletic embroidery look' where a patch is sewn on to a jersey or hoodie using like a zig-zag stitch. wondered could this be accomplished without actually sewing. key is the material. if you are trying to get the patch look/feel the material is poly/twill.

i had posed this question to the forum in these threads:



the people who helped me out created good work using different techniques and materials. hope this helps. -peace.
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