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Hello all,

We have started a new Trademark Brand name that targets all AGES of ALL
Extreme sports riders. Currently we only offer t-shirts, hats and stickers with different designs that target riders. The t-shirts we have right now are heat transfer images with some sayings to see what sells.

We are currently quoting Screen Printing services for our first screen printed shirts to be made. If you would like to submit a quote send us an email and we will send the design quote information to you. Wanting printing on front left and 2 color full back on black shirts.

Currently we have no sponsors or investors helping us grow. It is solely supported off our own income so growth is SLOW. At this time we have sold products to 37 States and 4 Countries to show the growth potential with the right designers and ect...

Crazy Rider offers a photo gallery for all different kinds of riders to post their pictures and show off what they can do. Also other people can visit and see what they are doing. Plus promotes all Extreme Sports.

We are always looking for sponsors. advertisers, designers and investors- ect....

Thanks for reading,
Crazy Rider
Tobin Smith

p.s. feel free to leave comments, just be Nice!!!:D
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