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I have a problem with my L1300 epson printer. Its about 4 years old. I use Jteck inks and never had any problem with cloggs.
When i print anything with cyan (gray, light cyan and variations) the color goes like a "ghost" (see pictures bellow).
In the Nozzle check everything is perfect. I have already replaced the print head.
Things that i have already tried:
1) Clean print head
2) Replace print head
3) Print in other program (i use corel X7). Tried in basic windows, Gimp, Photoshop)
4) Print with factory configuration and icc profile
5) Change a lot of settings.
But, from this, a mistery comes out... When i set the print quality to Normal (i use to print in High or Very High), the problem goes out and it goes well.
So i thought: "It may be some driver error!". Ive installed the printer in a clean windows, downloaded a new driver from epson's website and the error persists... When i print in High or Very High it comes. When i print in Normal, its okay.
But i cant print everything in normal. Mugs become strange, with ugly lines :(


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