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Cracking or stretch marks.

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I have a HP Photosmart D7460 printer and use "Durafirm Ink" in refillable cartridges. The ink is great and very color fast after many washings. My problem is with using JPSS on 100 % cotton t-shirts. The ink seems to stretch causing crack marks in the transfer if I hand stretch the shirt even slightly. I prewash all my shirts. The transfer looks awesome with great color (Adobe Elements 6 adjusted). Am I doing something wrong and what can I do to remedy or correct this hiccup? Thank you.
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Hey David sorry to hear you are having a problem. I Use JPSS too, as soon as I take my shirts off the press I stretch them while they are still hot Both directions across and up and down. I have great results with this method.
You may want to try without pre washing also
Good luck
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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