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Cracking mugs!

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:confused: I am dye-subing 15oz mugs and everything is going along great and at around mug 30 I take the mug out of the press, peel the paper off, put the mug in the water and the mug goes SSSSHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! and cracks! I have a total of 3 that did that all from the same case in the same area.

Are there any thoughts on why this is happening? What adjustments should I make?
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Hi Binki,

Sounds like all you may have to do is, take the transfer off the mug and do not place it in water. Let it cool by itself.

What brand are the mugs? What brand of mug press are you using?

The press is DK-3 and the mugs are from Novachrome USA (they say made in China on them but then again, everything here does)

I am suspecting 1 or a combination of 3 things.

1- the mug press is running hot. I have an instant read temp gauge so I will put it on the press when I start it back up

2- The mug is damaged and I didn't notice it

3- The mug is defective

Out of the first 49 there were 3 that cracked, one was broken when it came out of the box and the other had a big flaw in it.

I have been setting the mugs down, putting the next mug in and waiting about 20-30 seconds before putting it in the water. No cracks since then. I just don't want them cracking after delivery.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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