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cracked ink

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hey everyone i printed some shirts and i am hearing that the ink on the shirts is cracking and fading rather quickly so anyone know how i can fix this?
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Sounds like you under cured them. If they haven't been washed you could recure them but if they have no saving them. You would have to reprint them
well i'm using a flash dryer at an inch from the shirt for 30 seconds. Should i just dry it for a longer period of time or do i adjust the dryer itself?
Get a temp gun to make sure youre hitting the cure temp for long enough to cure all the way through the ink. Not just the surface.
You should be using an infrared thermometer to verify. Curing is approximately 320 so your temp gun should be 325-350 depending on ink deposit to ensure full cure. 1" sounds too close. When I used my flash to cure was a few inches above so you actually may have over cured but usally that will show scorching on the shirt also
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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