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Crack Artists

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Crack Artists are young designers, who are starting to make an impact on local fashion. Formed by two Johnson & Wales University students, Crack Artists seem to draw more inspiration from how they want to live their lives more than anything else. Through the images and messages printed on their clothes, they hope to create unique designs that inspire youth to think and be different. As seen in a display window downtown as part of Johnson & Wales University, their designs are bright, graphic and animated; drawing heavily from the work of Johnny Cupcake. Crack Artists was founded in 2006 by Mike Ghattas and Dionte Noble, who also works for New Urban Arts in downtown Providence. Both are currently juniors at Johnson & Wales, and in true entrepeneurial fashion, they draw the designs from scratch and rely on word of mouth to promote the line. The line consists of t–shirts and sweatshirts for both men and women. And like Johnny Cupcake who uses the bakery theme, Crack Artists incorporates the image of a pencil. The image for them is not only the tool they use as artists to sketch but the constant re-sharpening of a pencil represents the different stages in life one must go through. Crack Artists has already gained a following at Johnson & Wales and hope to expand throughout New England, and in their hometown in New York.

Both Ghattas and Noble appreciate the help that people have given them since starting Crack Artists. Crack Artists apparel can currently be bought at Queen of Hearts on Union Street, as well as on the Crack Artists website. Selling at Queen of Hearts, “Has been a good experience. For us just starting off and to say we have our shirts in a store, is a big accomplishment,” Noble said. And Providence’s role in their continued success has not gone unnoticed. Ghattas says, “Providence has played a major role. Due the fact that Providence is a small city, we’ve met a lot of people to help us along the way”. Crack Artists most recently showed their line at As220 and continue to show their clothes at fashion shows at surrounding colleges like Providence College and the University of Rhode Island. They will also be showing this Saturday, the 31st, at Johnson & Wales as part of the Designing The Future fashion show with other college students.

Article made by livedowncity.com
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