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CPSIA- How are you complying with the tagging requirement on the garment

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I am a small screen printer. I would qualify as a small batch manufacture under the CPSIA regulations. I feel comfortable about developing an internal system to track all the required information for doing youth garments. However, I am struggling with how to mark the actual garment with the required info to track back to my company for the required information on all the materials used to decorate the garment. I do not have a DTG printer to allow me to print the information on each youth shirt. Since I do a lot of groups that include adults as well as youth, it is important for me to do the youth shirts in order to get the adult order. I am interested in knowing how others are approaching this issue.
I am looking for advice and information on how others that are trying to comply are marking thier garments to meet requlation requirements for tagging the actual garment.
I know many are saying I will not do youth or I will continue until someone complains or I get caught not meeting the requirements.
I am wanting to do this correctly as I feel it is the right thing to do. Your sharing of how you are trying to comply with this requirement will be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
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My plan is to use heat transfer paper for darks. Setup a template that I can run through my vinyl cutter and cut small labels, then run that through my printer and print the correct information on each "label". Then I can heat press it to the inside of the shirt.

I have the compliance certificate from the brand of heat transfer paper I use, but now I'm just not too sure about the CMYK ink in my printer. There has been some discussion about those inks being exempt, but I read on the CPSC website that CMYK ink used with transfers, decals, etc. is not compliant. Maybe this has something to do with the paper it's being printed on needing to be compliant? If that's the case, then I should be fine. Not too sure about everything yet, but I'm looking in to it.
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