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CP Shipping driving me crazy !!!

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OK so I know the shipping comes up fairly often, but I haven't seen a thread for a couple months and if anyone has a new workaround I want to know it PLEASE !!!!

2 xxl long sleeves t's @ 650g using CP online. I'm registered for venture one etc... Small packet at $16 to us !!!! Best price. Man seems crazy.

And so I eat another $3 bucks on each shirt sold, and so it goes on. I find the shipping somewhat demoralizing, and its downright pissing me off each time I send a shirt stateside I eat 2-3 bucks.

Maybe its just price of doing business today ?? I'm a newbie at it.

Any current info much appreciated,

All the best
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1 XXXL LS T @380g Small Packet to USA $10.66 Chi, Ching for Canada post again. I charged $5.50 shipping
Canada Post 1 - Irons Apparel 0:mad::mad:
www.paypal.ca/shipnow will be a better rate than Canada Post...

But at the end of the day, sales to the US or elsewhere will be "minimal" if you price shipping at cost or your margin will be low if you absorb part of the shipping price...But that is the way it is...
Thanks Royster,
I do ship through Paypal actually. Doesn't change the rate, just saves hassle of going to post office, unless i'm doing something wrong.

Yer gotta get over it I guess, but man it seems to hurt profits.
I do not ship "Small Packet" so maybe they do not give the same discount (30%+) as I get on Expedited Parcels....

PS...A "small" profit on an order you get is still more than "zip" when you do not make a sale.....
Good point well made Royster.
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