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Couple questions about what the printer does furing printing

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So I have noticed a couple things that the T-Jet2 does while printing. I am curious why.

So every so often the print head zooms to one side or the other and spits. Why, is it catching up, clearing nozzles? I would think if it was already printing there would be no reason to waste the ink like that (I know its not much)?

During a head clean the capping station sucking (for lack of a better word) on the first pass is shorter than the sucking on the rest and ink tends to drip down to the foam and pool up on the station. Why? The remaining sucking passes pulls all ink through without out an issue. Is there a setting to up the sucking time?

The maintenance bottle is in an awful location. I know why they put it there but I don't know how many times I have pinched that dang waste tube putting the cover back on and not known it only to have the waste line coupler blow apart. Since my printer isn't going to move I am probably going to mount the bottle below the printer and have the tube come out the bottom.
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