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Couple Questions About Graphtec Cutters

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I have been looking at Graphtec cutters since our primary paper provider supports them, but I had a couple questions concerning which model to buy.

I intend on using our cutter for decals, shirt transfers, window signage and almost anything with vinyl. I'm using an aqueous based inkjet printer and not solvent.

I am leaning towards the FC8000 since it is advertised as the high performance model and cuts thicker stuff, but it appears that the CE5000 would suffice too. Am I okay with the CE5000? Does the FC8000 cut everything the FC5000 does?

Additionally, I am steering towards the 42" inch models since my inkjet printers are all 44" each and it seems logical for me to stay in the same width range. I guess I'm wondering if there are OBVIOUS jobs I couldn't do with a 30" or 24" cutter versus a 42" cutter. I don't think it would matter with decals and transfers, but is there anything I should consider? I'm thinking the wider the better to keep my options open.
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The 5000 can do pretty much anything the 8000 can do. I believe the main difference is the downforce between the two.

If your printers are in the 40 inch range, of course go with a 40 inch range cutter. Better would be a 48 inch cutter. Most vinyl comes in 24, and 48 inch widths. You can cut 24 inch vinyl in a 48 inch machine, but doesn't work so well the other way.
The FC series is substantially better quality......

Sign Warehouse sells re-branded FC series as their own house brand, Q-Series....Yesterday they were sell Package 4 for the Package 1 price... VE Q24 - 24 inch Vinyl Cutter - Package 4 - Sign Supplies and Equipment I would phone and see if they will still give you the sale price...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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