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How do you center the shirt to the press?

How do you align the shirt to the transfer to make sure it is centered?Do you have to keep measuring it or is there some type of alignment marks on the press?

also if you print your own transfer and it is not a square do you have to trim the transfer?

Like i said i am new and just starting to learn about this.I haven't spent any money on any equipment yet.Just trying to learn before spending $$.

also if you mess up a shirt doing the transfer is the shirt trashed or is there a way to remove the transfer and reuse the shirt?

from what i have been reading there so far i seen a lot of good info on presses, printers and paper.I just haven't seen some of my questions yet.

I may have missed it but is there a tutorial on the site on doing heat transfers?
OK i will stop with the questions now.

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Hi Hanau, you can find lots of answers using the search feature :)

If you click on the "Search This Forum" in the blue box that's in the upper right hand corner of the Heat Press (or any subject) forum:

You can do a search of the forum. I did a search for "center" (without the quotes) and found this thread with some good information for you:

You can also help other people find topics and find your question if you give it a good subject "title" when posting the question. Instead of "couple of newbie ?", you might type: "centering on the heat press and trimming the transfer?"

Typing the descritive subjects can also help you find words to use when searching for information that may already be posted on the topic. Like I found this topic while searching for trimming in the heat press forum:

One last benefit of typing descriptive subjects for your question is that our forum will automatically try to find related past topics (threads) that may answer your question. It does this by finding keywords in your subject title and matching them with past subject titles. You can find these related threads when you return to your post and scroll down where it says "Similar Threads".

Hope this helps out some when using the forum to find information. I think maybe I should make this a sticky thread to help others find information. There's so much here, sometimes all you need is the right search term and your question is answered :)
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