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I'm in the process of putting together various pieces of artwork for use on t-shirts. Drawings are scanned, cleaned in photoshop, vectorised in illustrator then base colours added. The artwork is then brought back into photoshop to add shadows/highlights.
I understand that each colour used needs a seperate screen and as such I'm trying to use as few colours as possible, however, I don't understand how shadows/highlights are treated.
For example, if I'm using 4 base colours and each colour has shadows/highlights added - does this mean I now have 12 colours in total?
If this is the case, should I just use 4 colour CMYK screen printing instead (I understand this process produces all colours)? If so, what are the disadvantages and why doesn't everyone just use this process?
Sorry for such a lengthy first posting but I hope someone can shed some light.
Many thanks.
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