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Press & Tear is a needle-friendly pressure-sensitive adhesive tearaway stabilizer. Offered by Cotswold, it allows you to embroider those hard-to-hoop items with rarely any residue on your needles. Perfect for those difficult jobs like: CD cases, heavy towels or blankets, collars and cuffs, socks, and heavy jackets or anything that is difficult to hoop.

Even tiny baby socks are easy with Press & Tear. You hoop the stabilizer, not the sock. Just place the stabilizer in the hoop, release the paper backing, and lay and smooth out the baby sock. Pin back the additional sock area out of the way and you have smooth surface ready to embroider. When finished just release the embroidery, and remove any excess from the back. Releases with ease, but holds perfectly while embroidering.

The stabilizer is a 1.5 ounce, dense, “wet-laid “non-directional, nonwoven tearaway that contains needle lubricants to promote needle glide and reduce sticky buildup. It tears away cleanly and easily leaving no “fuzzies” behind. If needed for added support, you can “float” an extra layer of regular tearaway underneath your stitching area.

For more information, visit Cotswold Industries Inc; email: [email protected] or call Cotswold Industries at (877) 309-3553 or fax (212) 545-0603.


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