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Cost suggestions for job?

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I was not sure if I should post this here or the cost vs profit thread.

Here is a question for vinyl cutter’s, or folks who use them ;)

I just got done with this custom shirt order and think I undercut myself on the pricing. What would your shops have charged for it?

  • Front of shirt: 15” x 16” design with simple Eagle line art (I drew it up per customer’s specifications – very picky), Two fonts with “Team name” over top and word “Football” below (I had to search out the second font and install it on my computer and cutter software).
  • Back of shirt: 15” x 16” design with four players names and numbers and two lines of text at the bottom (also had to search and install both these fonts).
  • Sleeve prints on both sides, one side was custom artwork, rather simple but I worked it up too.
  • All shirts were black cotton t-shirts with gold vinyl
  • 2- med, 1- large, 1- XXL, 2- XXXL, 3- XXXXL
  • Total charged= $168.30
  • Also I sprang for shipping and ate about $8.00

I feel like I worked all weekend for cost! I buy my supplies at less than case pricing.
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We all have done it before. The what was I thinking when I quoted that price job. If quoting off my head (which I do not like to do) I will normally triple the prices. Vinyl which cost $6 per yard, I would charge $6 per ft. Smaller transfers I normally charge aroung $4 (chest logo). I triple shirt prices which covers shipping to your shop. Art work wow this is a big money issue. State up front how many hours you are willing to put into the job. Make the customer aware along the way that each change is adding more $$$.

You are very lucky that you had no mistakes. At least you broke even dollar wise, you made no money buiss, wise and may have actually lost. Just learn the lesson and chalk it up to experience.

Like I said before, we have all done it.
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