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[CorelDraw] How to fade edges

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I have a piece of art that I am trying to "fade" the edges. I want it to lose the perfectly round look? any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.
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If you have a "round look", you must have a circle/oval shaped bitmap (square of course, but objects are not)?

The quickest way I do is click "Edit Bitmap" which opens Photo Paint. Ctrl+A to select all, then menu Mask --> Mask Outline --> Feather, and feather an appropriate amount. Click X to close PP, yes to save, and it's feathered/faded in Corel Draw.

If it's a bitmap consisting of circle OR odd-shaped objects, I would just add a mask to the outer objects in PhotoPaint, which is pretty simple, then do the same thing.
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Have you tried the Interactive Transparency Tool?
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