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Coreldraw home and student x8 - questions & advice

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Im thinking of buying this program and some waccom tablets come with it, but im wondering if anyone has used this one specifically? Has it been too limited? If i were to buy this what other software would i be looking at for shirts? Screen print method - 2 to 3 colors nothing advanced - just starting out.
Really dont want to invest in something that i dont need when i couldve just saved myself the hassle and then missed something major that wont allow me to print.
Design wise would be scanning hand drawn images into program and then using oent tool. and creating directly in the software.
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Don't buy consumer products for professional work. The home and student version specifically strips out the "Pro features". That's going to be separation tools, plugin support, print seps dialog and a handful of other things. Basically, they're trying to make sure that you can't use it in the way that you wish to use it. But, if you have to choose between that and other consumer products, I think it's still the one that will get you the farthest.
I would go with illustrator if it were me . Super easy to use and learn. I checked out Corel when i was new at this and im very computer savvy,and Corel was a pin in the butt. Feel free to pm me if want.
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