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There will be a new CorelDraw book that is geared specifically for our industry published in the next month or so by Great Dane Graphics (www.greatdanegraphics.com). The Adobe (Photoshop / Illustrator) book which is in Full Color and over 200 pages - is being released at the ISS Ft. Worth Show this week. They are working directly with Corel to make sure the book is as accurate as possible. Not sure what the pricing is on the Corel book, but the Photoshop book is selling for $60.00 and they are providing you a tutorial disk that will have some of their graphics on it and a Product Code for you to choose any two of their graphics on their website (valued at $34.95 each). With all the graphics, the book is basically free.

Just something else to consider. No clue when the release date will be for the Corel book. Best wishes.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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