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CorelDraw and Desgin Chat.

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I hang out in an IRC chat room dedicated to discussing about all things Design. Much of the discussion is website/app design. Video, audio, and print topics are sometimes introduced. Rarely are vinyl and apparel brought up. So I am a bit alone in the channel. I need back up! I would love to have a place for tshirt designers to congregate, LIVE. So point your irc client to irc.freenode.net ##design. There are 96 people in the channel at the time of this post. I did not create this room, I just hang out there. Vector graphics is sometimes in the conversation.

Here is a web irc client, if you don't have your own client, or don't know what I am talking about:

I have also created an unofficial channel for CorelDraw on the same server. It is lonely, with just me in the room.

I would be glad to see you there.
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