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Corel X7 ****ty and unusable

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Got Corel X7. Noticed the icons were HUGE even though they are set to small. They are huge to where they don't all fit on the screen. And so you have to hit an arrow to get to the rest of the icons. The large icons also shrinks the workspace.

Contacted Corel, and they said they made a change so that the icons size you have set for your computer affects the icon size for the Corel program.

No other program does this because it is dumb.

I have my computer's icons set to 125% so I can see them easier because the 100% Windows 7 icons I think are way too small and hard to read.

Well, with my computer set to 125%, that makes the icons in Corel way too large.

So dumb, but Corel insists 100% of their customers asked them for this change even though no other program I've ever used does this. X6 works just fine as does Adobe and all other programs with regards to their icon sizes.

I also don't like the light gray for the top toolbars. X6 used your computers theme for that, but now it is all light gray. I don't like the toolbars being a light color as it makes the text hard to read. I also like a darker toolbar because it gives a break from the workspace vs. blending in with it. It reminds me of the look when a program greys out when it becomes non-responsive.
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