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Corel x7 crashes when trying to print separations

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I have Corel X7 and when trying to print my separations Corel crashes. I have had X7 and Separation Studio for 3 years and used without issue. The past week+ every time I import my EPS from Sep studio and try to print, as soon as Duotone....#1 Underbase ink etc. pops up and I hit ok it crashes. I have talked with Freehand Graphics and they they have checked out the files that I'm trying to print and they have said it's not a separation studio issue, it's Corel. I have had numerous emails back and forth and they have connected remotely and still can't figure out the issue. It takes forever to deal with them through email. Any help would greatly be appreciated because my work is getting behind.
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I have the same issues with X8. I went back & forth with Corel and Freehand. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling Corel...a bunch of times. It's better, but it's still a crapshoot if it will crash or not. Corel said that it was because of my color palette and user settings. It still does it with factory settings. It seems to act up more when the import files menu opens slow. I wonder if it's not fully importing the contents of the image file correctly?
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