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Corel Draw help

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I have a problem, well more of a question.

I'm working on a shirt design in CDX6.
I have a central design in the center and now I have to put 10 crayons in a circle around the central design.
Is there a good way to space them properly when I place them?
Here is the rough draft that they gave me.


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Would doing them at 135 deg, 90 deg, and 45 deg not work?

Or you could make a hexagon equal in size all around, then set the crayons to each middle of the line between points?
This is an easy one. You need to start off knowing the center of the design. Draw one crayon and put it in the center of the design. Using the Ctrl key move the crayon into one of the positions. Click on the crayon a second time and move it center rotation point to the center of the design. Then just make duplicates rotated at the different angles you need. I make designs like this all the time, quick and easy once the base elements are set up.
Yea that is what I first thought CW. It's not that big of an issue, but figured that there might be a better way. I can make it work.
What really made me ask was if I have to do this in the future and all the items are different is there an easy way to make it work.
I have made designs with different shapes circling the main one and set it up the same way. Once you have it in the right location and have moved the center rotation point you can manual adjust. You could also make yourself a template using just lines for placement that you could work over and delete once you were finished.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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