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Has anyone tried / used / currently using CoreBridge Software for their shop?
Cloud-Based Management System: Sign & Print Shops | CoreBridge

We have tried several programs over the years and are stilling looking for one that is able to fill the needs / wants.

What we are looking for;

  • Streamline and efficiency, looking for one program that can be accessed by all for reviews/edits without having a lot steps or complexity
  • Syncing proofs to quotes for easy referencing / tracking.
    • Having an “approved” button within the proof e-mail and automatically moves the project to the next stage
    • Having a “revisions” button that automatically opens a reply message keeping the proof reference in the body / subject line for ease of use
  • Moving from each stage with all information available and doing so automatically, eliminating the possibility of lost/misplaced work-orders
  • Production, knowing what stage it is in and when it is scheduled to be completed, as well as information about installation (permits, needed tools, location, schedule)
  • Customer follow up, (CMP) following up with quotes, open projects, etc...
  • User friendly, ideally a GUI interface with a point-N-click so it can be used on phones, tablets

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I am looking for the same as you. Some very heated debates on this topic depending on where you look. I have found that no matter what software you choose it will have options that you do not need, and will be missing a few that you do need.
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