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Copyrights on Fonts

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I've done a search on this but cant seem to find other posts explaning things.
I wanted to know if it's ok to use fonts which are pre-installed on my computer or downloaded freely, to print on t-shirts ?
Are there any copyright issues restricting the use of fonts like arial etc... to be printed on t-shirts to be sold ?

any info is much appreciated as always!
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Interesting question, I dont believe there is but maybe someone else can confirm that, I have been to the Microsoft site checking on the use of clip art, but have not found anything about fonts yet?
Fonts pre-installed on your machine are similar rights to royalty free pictures, by this i mean you purchased your machine with these fonts already part of the package and, as a royalty free picture, once purchased can be used multiple times and no royalties to be paid.
From what I understand, fonts - whether purchased or freely (legally) acquired - can be used on merchandise without copyright infringement. Under most font usage agreements, the only things you can't do are give the font itself to a third party; sell the font itself to a third party; and in some cases there are restrictions on using characters from symbol and picture fonts as logos.
To add to the discussion... I purchased a specific font to use for a large customer. It wasn't particularly expensive - $28, I think, but when reading the "fine print" - in order to use it on more than one computer, I had to have a purchased copy for each one!!

Bottom line: read the 'readme' file available on each font.
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