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Copyright in OZ

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Hey Guys,
I’m pretty new to the T-Shirt caper and just really starting to get going, I’ve just got a question about copyright, I know that its infringing to use things such as McDonalds or celebrities etc but whats the go when my design looks very similar to another brands design just because its very basic and using a basic everyday image, such as a star, I had a design of a star with a few colours and the other day I found a very similar design in a store, simply because theres only so many ways you can put a star on a T-shirt, is this breaking copyright rules???
Thanks for your help,
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It depends just how basic. You can't copyright an idea, only the implementation of an idea. But if the implementation is similar, it might be seen as a copy.

With a basic geometric shape like a star, it'd need to be practically the same to be an issue. Even then, it might not be (a plain star is a plain star is a plain star - pretty hard to claim originality on that).

Specifically with what you've described... I wouldn't be worrying.
It's hard to say without seeing both examples and doing a bit of research of the pre-existing design.

I agree with Solmu... I wouldn't be too worried about it either.
I'd like to know how to copyright my designs too. Not sure where to start and I have just registered my business and I wanted to copyright my artwork before I take it to a printing company. The thing is my t-shirt designs only consist of two characters that I have made up with a background and storyline. What I'm doing is similiar to the idea of how Emily the Strange is a fashion concept. (not doing same style or concept as Emily The Strange). Does anyone have experience or which copyright registration company to recommend to get my stuff copyrighted? Advice tips are all welcome. I saw on this website Copyright in Australia is legal and free without rego but I'm not convinced. And definitely poor man copyright is not a way to go either. Plus I want to trade overseas.
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