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Cool custom tee ideas?

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hey guys

i work for a merch company and was wondering if anyone has any ideas they think would be cool for a t-shirt/hoodie cut or band merch in general

we have been doing custom cut t-shirt for bands recently cool stuff most bands don't get eg. shirts with a scoop neck, longer tail using usb sticks as there swing tags that have there albums uploaded on them

i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for a cool custom tees and gimmicks we could offer bands and brands

pat :D
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What color? What text? What image? With our convenient Design Lab, you can make all these decisions. Have fun, and experiment with the seemingly endless assortment of images to see what, if any, image suits your style. you can have different new ideas by generating new thoughts like short or long sleeve baseball tees, long sleeve thermal tees, cotton tees with or without pockets, Hanes long or short sleeve beefy tees, and more.
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