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Coogi Shirts

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My friend bought me a couple of Coogi shirts today. Personally I had never heard of them.

The material is really really thick and the men's shirts on their website are cut just the way that I want mine to be.

On of the shirts is a regualar fitted women's tee with a multi-colored heat transfer. Price $59.99

The second shirt is plain navy blue with a patterned print material around the neck. On top of the pattern puff lettering has been applied. On top of the bottom of the puff lettering embroidery has been applied. That's a lot of detail . Price $85.00

I checked their website www.shopcoogi.com and was very, very impressed with what I saw.

I was going to ask where could I find blank tees like this and what I need to do to build a brand like this but as I write this I already have answered my own questions.

So I guess I'm just sharing at 4 am in the morning.:D
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Okay so I can't sleep. I'm really really thinking about making my own shirts. I found this link. It has a lot of great resources. www.apparelsearch.com
Looks like it could be very, very useful. I found the site a while back but didnt consider it so much and forgot.. Will remember this time to save it and use it.


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