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Conveyor dryer how to

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I've been looking online for plans to build my own Conveyor dryer, with little to no luck.

I know this isn't a hard project. I have a treadmill that I can grab the motor, and other components off of, and I have an old electric stove I'm framing the heating element out of.

So I am just looking for some advice...
Am I going in the right direction? Or is there something that I may need to change ... Any help or advice would be welcomed
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Frankly, if I were interested in building a cheap conveyor unit, I'd look for a used one that was busted just to salvage the frame, belt rollers, and sheetmetal. The belts and IR elements are the next most expensive parts. The motors and assorted electrical components can be bought at places like Grainger.
I have been looking in my area ( central Ohio ) with no luck
Youtube has some DIY dryers but only shows the outside of the unit. I also plan to build one when my printing volume requires it. My space is simply too small so building one right now seems not practical(waste of space vis-avis the time it will be used for drying).

Anyway, I have not yet seen any plans for a conveyor dryer but would like to know alternative materials to use for the conveyor belt.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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