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Converting ounces to grams per sq metre?

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I need some help I'm getting hoodies manufactured. what is the convertion of 8ounces to Gsm? and how can you calculate that equation is there a formula.I know 7.1ounce is 215 gsm ..........:confused:

Best Regards Mr.Fredeling
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1 ounce is 28.35 grams.
1 gram is 0.03527 ounces.
Ignore ino's advice, as it's dead wrong. The measurements are area, not linear distance/weight. So one ounce per square yard is equal to 33.90 grams per square meter. Making a typical 6.1oz shirt 206.82gsm (commonly labelled 205gsm).

One of Google's much under-utilised features is a calculator. It can convert all kinds of things, for example:

Jason Kottke said:
In addition to playing with big numbers, the calculator can help you finally figure out the number of drams in a pennyweight (~0.878 drams/pennyweight), rods in a fathom (~0.364 rods/fathom), or the speed of light in knots (582,749,918 knots)
Not to mention Douglas Adam's meaning of life (42), the number of horns on a unicorn (1), cooking measures (teaspoons, etc.). So I now know that one cubic mile holds 8.45657969 × 10^14 US teaspoons. Basically if it's a known and quantified system of measurement, there's a good chance it'll be built in.

So... if you go to Google and type something like this into the search bar:

8 ounces per square yard = ? grams per square meter

You will see this:

(8 ounces) per (square yard) = 271.24598 grams per (square meter)

...it will also tell you that 7.1sq/oz is actually 240gsm.
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I'm not sure which part is confusing - is it the difference between area, volume, and linear measurement? Fabric weight is measured by weight per area. Otherwise it wouldn't be consistent across clothing sizes, or fabric bolt widths.
Knit fabrics are measured according to weight.
Woven fabrics are measured according to area.

To make this easier consider this...

1 yard does not equal 1 meter, so you can't directly convert them. To get the proper conversion you need to take into account that 1 meter equals 1.09 yards.

Here is how to convert oz/yard2 to g/m2

1oz/yard2 = 33.9g/m2
1g/m2 = 1oz/yard2 / 33.9

33.9 x oz = gsm weight (grams per square meter)
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I honestly for about this thread I'e posted but thanks for the great info.
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