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Could you tell me if I can do the following:

Take an image created in Word Paint, open it in Photoshop, do Save As a photoshop file? Once that done - does the new Saved As file automaticaly become a vector file? Or is there more to it?

Thank you all
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No, it's a bit more complicated than that (for one thing Photoshop is not a vector based program).
I don't think photoshop can save vector files. Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw can.

In coreldraw you can import an image from paint and then do a "trace" of the image to vectorize it and then save the file as a vector.

There are also services that will take your raster graphic and convert it to a vector for you (like artworksource.com, vectordoctor.com)
You will probobly pretty much have to redraw it by hand using the pen tool, unless it is a pretty clear bitmap 300 dpi or better in one color. Then you might be able to auto trace it. In either Corel Draw or Illustrator.
Thank you guys,

In that case can you tell what must I do to get that done? So as of right now I have an image of a logo in Word Paint and I can find access to various software (Illustrator, Corel or other). Would you be able to instruct me in steps on how to convert it to the correct format?

Thanks a lot for your help.
While the conversion process isn't that difficult, it sounds like you'd be jumping ahead of yourself to try it now. If you're on a limited timeframe I'd recommend outsourcing it to a vector conversion service (like one of the ones Rodney mentioned). Otherwise, I'd begin at the beginning; start learning a graphics program from the ground up, with the help of a good book or video tutorial or class or etc. (there is a good thread on the forums with various recommendations).
Thanks everyone,
I have a better picture of what to do with this now.
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