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I've been looking at the prebuilts, their warranties, and reviews and so far most things look like a bad idea. I saw KingdomDtf has a lot of loyal followers for their consumables, but after researching a big about their support and reviews for their printers I decided it wasn't worth buying, even though I like some of the features like white ink mixing in this model. DTF Printer King DTF A3+ with White Ink Circulation (Direct To Film Printer)

So that leaves me with attempting to do a conversion myself. I'm sure it will be a massive headache but my background is in engineering so I'm used to it.

My end goal is to have a printer that isn't dreadfully slow, Prints at least "A3+", has great color coverage, works with rolls, and as a bonus, it would be great to have automated mixing, but I guess having an external ink well I can shake would do. Essentially, I want something comparable to the products that KingdomDtf promises. The reviews and the shipping time is too much of a risk for me with how marked up the price is.

I've seen a lot of mods that start with the L1800, but all I hear is they are slow. I've also been looking at the P5000

I was hoping the community would point me in the right direction to meet my requirements.
Could you list any printers that you think would work for this? If you have seen any in-depth guides on making the DTF conversion, especially on any printers that meet the requirements, list those too? Do you have any other advice for me?

I've never done this before so it would be of tremendous help to me to get your help.
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