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I own a national ecommerce sports uniform company that's based in the USA. We sell sports jerseys from popular vendors (Teamwork Athletic, Russell, etc) as well as make our own in-house brand.

We allow customers to customize their uniforms online and have been able to provide heat transfers as the primary source of decoration.

However, we currently don't have an embroidery machine and we're looking to provide customers with high quality, sewn-on tackle twill names and numbers on their jerseys.

I'm looking for someone who can do this contract tackle twill work at competitive prices. We're based in Houston, TX but we have the capability to ship you the jerseys directly in order for you to complete the tackle twill, and we can provide boxes and pre-paid shipping labels for you to pack and send out the orders.

We typically handle team orders, so the quantities you'd be looking at can range from 6 to 25+ jerseys at a time, and the orders will be pretty constant.

The printing locations per jersey will include any of the following in either one or two color twill: 2" Front Name, 8" Front Number, 3" Back Name, 10" Back Number, 4" Shoulder/TV Number

Please also be able to handle logos as well.

If it'll be easier for you and cheaper for us, we can provide the pre-cut twill via Stahls or another company along with the sew disk or digital files. I've never dealt with tackle twill before so please feel free to ask me questions or guide me through the process.

If you can do this work and are based in the United States, then please let me know how much you'd charge for this service. We're hoping to lock down someone as soon as this week.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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