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Hey everyone, I am looking at moving to the Austin Texas area and am looking to find a GOOD contract screen printer.

We are located in Oregon right now and I have been subbing some of my work out to different companies trying to find a shop that can get me a good print at a fair price.

We currently have a manual press and I feel my prints are better than all the ones I have received so far but I don't want to continue screen printing myself . We do embroidery as well and that has been a better fit so far and I want to focus on that but I don't want to get out of the printing side of things, I just don't want to do it myself. :)

I had a guy in CA that was awesome, not the cheapest but really good and things were always right. Unfortunately he retired and closed up shop.

I would like to try a few companies out and see what I can come up with.

Any help would be great.
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