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Hey Spreading Love,

I have a graphic design business, and most good designers will require a contract before they start any work. This will protect both you and them from any misscommunication. You are right, typically a contract will include copywrite issues, payment, payment schedule, over time, mark up (if they pay for something for you, like getting something printed for you), project phase breakdown, cost for going beyond the scope of the outline, and project timeline. Those are the main points, and there may be other issues that are specific to each graphic designer.

Contracts for smaller scale logo projects are typically pretty straight forward, and there are contracts available that specifically use graphic design industry language. That being said, I wouldn't reccommend writing your own becuase it may not protect you and the designer in the way you want it to.

I also reccommend that you get a creative brief from your designer when you start the project. This goes over the project in detail and will cover your overall goals, direction, vision, do's and don'ts for your brand, timeline etc. It's about 1-2 pages long and serves as a guideline for the project.
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