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Most designers will come to you with a contact - not the other way around.

They're working with clients all the time, so typically have a stock contract already put together that will cover terms of the project, time line, transfer of rights and ownership, and payment.

I'd actually say be wary of any designer who doesn't come armed with a contract

That said, I think from the client point of view the biggest thing you need to ensure is in the contract is there is transfer of all rights and ownership of the design once it's complete - you also need to make sure that you will receive a vector version of the logo at completion.

If you have any issues with the designer displaying your logo in their portfolio, make sure you address that as well.

If you want more info in general on contracts, this is a pretty good link: Free Contracts for Freelancers - Freelance Business Clients Contracts & Business Agreements for Your Customers (it's from the freelancer's prospective, but still relevant.)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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