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Contour cutting light & dark soft transfer paper

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There is so much information on the forum about the different types of transfer paper, it has been hard for me to find out an answer to my all questions without spending hours reading all the post. Not sure if I'm asking the right questions, so please bear with me, here we go!:confused::confused:

1. Is there a soft and and a dark transfer paper capable of being printed, and contour cut?

2. What some the best transfer papers capable of being printed and contour cut?

3. Brand that offers small qty, I don't wont purchase a large amount of paper, then find out does not perform as expected.

I'm using an Epson 1400 with (HEAT TRANSFER) BIGFOOT 1400 CIS WITH PIGMENT INK, with 2nd generation cartridegs.

Roland GX 24 cutter with optical eye.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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