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Hi all! I am new to this site, and new to this industry. I have had hopes of opening an online t-shirt business for about a year, but held off until just recently because I was not prepared to put all the time, money and effort into it!

I have so far purchased a domain name, graphics software, and am in the process of deciding to use a local printer or jobbing it out. I already know I do not want to use cafe press because I do not like their quality. I am leaning towards print mojo, but I have a few questions about content.

Some, not most, of the artowrk will be iffy on content, similar to what tshirthell.com offers on their site.

I see that most of these sites have high content standards in thier TOS. Have people run into problems with this? Are their any fullfillment sites that do not care what they print as far as content goes? Thanks for the help!

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I think your best bet is to check with the various fulfillment sites directly to see if they will print your designs.

I've seen t-shirthell type designs on just about all of the fulfillment service sites, but I'm sure they all have limits somewhere.
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