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Hello all,

I am preparing my shop to begin offering sublimation services for things such as flip flops, mugs, etc. as the year progresses. The time has come where I am finally going to add the mug press to the mix, as I have three or four big time clients who are asking me to start doing promotional mugs for them in the near future.

I know I get what I pay for, however, I have read very good things about the Rincons mug presses from L.A. They have one of the only positive mug press reviews on Amazon for their four-attachment press and their presence on eBay is an overall positive one. We are going the economical route for now as we ease into the sublimation offerings.

Herein lies the question...in your professional opinion(s), are the extra attachments (water bottle, latte, tall latte, 11 oz. and 15 oz.) wrap attachments worth the extra ~$220 for the Rincons 4-in-1 mug press at this point, or should we stick with buying the $80-100 Rincons commercial mug press that only does 11 oz. and 15 oz. mugs until we start generating more demand for the additional items?

At this point, with my established customer base being mostly professional service businesses (senior home care, golf marketers, etc.), I cannot see very many clients ordering tapered latte mugs or water bottles as giveaways or promotional items, however, I hate having project requests come in that I do not have the resources to provide at that moment. Ideally I would like to be able to print on aluminum tumblers and water bottles down the road, but I'm not sure if the extra risk is worth a small payoff in the end. I could always purchase a water bottle oven wrap or something like that later on I suppose.

Any advice or input is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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