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Hello, I am Allen Rubin, owner of CONSCIOUS FASHIONS. Conscious Fashions Designer T Shirt Clothing Company, Fashions That Rise Above.

Conscious Fashions is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Using the 22 year old, Fashion Prodigy, “Designer To The Stars”, Noah Kingery (Prep Couture - Eternal & Untouchable Street Couture - Perfetto Leather Couture) to design the artwork and overview the productions layered processes, Conscious Fashions designs emulate the historic spiritual battles which have confronted mankind throughout time.

With the secret energies of the ancient Aramaic text blended into the richly artistic depictions and powerfully incorporation of colored foils, this line is the newest fashion breakthrough this century.

About The Clothing

CONSCIOUS FASHIONS clothing line uses our form fitting, soft and stretchy feeling shirts. We make and print them here in Los Angeles.

The shirts and thermals are made of 100% Eco-Friendly Cotton and the thermals come with Laser Etched Embroidered Leather Sephirot Patches.

The line is branded with the gorgeous CONSCIOUS filigree logo down the spine.

There are 11 men's and 11 women's designs, both come in black and white versions.

The women's sizes are s,m,l,xl and the men's are m,l,xl,xxl. Long sleeve versions of all shirts will be available after summer 2010.

Thermals in the women's version includes numerous pink Swarovski Crystals embedded into the Leather Sephirot Patches and the men's version has rivet bling instead. The thermals have our gorgeous CONSCIOUS filigree logo down the right arm.

The tags printed inside the shirt have washing instructions, company name and location. The washing instructions are inside out with like colors, tumble dry low, no direct iron (due to foils melting).

The line is available for retail and wholesale orders.

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Currently the website is the main point of sale. I am considering the Fairfax flea market at Fairfax and Melrose. Not exactly the type of sales I was hoping for.
Just offering some advice, take it as you want. But you should put some more work into the site, the graphics are very 90's and the coding could be done much cleaner with css instead of tables, seeing how tables dont adjust for different devices such as smartphones, netbooks or stuff with smaller screens. The shirts look good, and at that price for each shirt, you need to have a modern professional site to have people take it seriously.
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