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Almost 2 months after our initial site launch and the T-Shirt Forums are growing at a great rate! If you've learned something from the forums, be sure to tell your friends and associates about T-ShirtForums.com! You are helping to grow a great t-shirt community.

Congratulations to tortus32 for referring the most new members to T-Shirt Forums during our Grand Opening launch. That makes him the winner of our Grand Opening Contest #2!

Bill (tortus32) has a great service for those of us selling t-shirts online.
Get live models to wear your t-shirts at: T-ShirtModels.com

For referring the most new members, Bill has won a free $50 Gift Certificate to Threadless.com.

Just in time too....ThreadLess has all their t-shirt designs marked down to just $10 until June 6th!

Keep on the lookout for more (announced and unannounced) member giveaways here at the T-Shirt Forums!

If you are interested in getting paid for referring new members to the T-ShirtForums, feel free to send me a message inquiring about our affiliate program.
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