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confused newbie saying hello!

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hi all,
I think this forum is great and very helpful!
I am a children's book illustrator and I have been looking into expanding into gifts and t-shirts. I have already bought some t-shirts, but can't decide on the process in which to get my designs onto them.
I am looking at small quantity infant/kids ranges but with great quality. I am happy to spend money on the right equipment but want to do so with confidence.
Initially I was looking at heat transfer, but am not convinced the quality will be good enough. Then I was looking at sublimation and chroma blast. It's a shame that sublimation only works on polyester, all the people I've asked won't buy polyester tees, opting for cotton. Has anyone found a way round this? I would like to have the scope of sublimation but with cotton tees. I saw there were some subli-soft t-shirts but they are a tad pricey.

Then I saw people were having mixed success with JPSS with Epson printers- can anyone tell me how these 3 methods compare? I am now totally confused as to what to do!
Any advice really appreciated!
Thanks in advance
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I would recommend custom plastisol transfers. The quality is excellent and you can print as needed.
Hey newbie,
This forum has a great search function.
Please use it!
For example, I just typed in transfers vs silk screen and got 10 pages of threads.
We each have different opinions, but they have been expressed dozens of times, and if you read the threads you will see WHY people prefer one over another.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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