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Conde Replacement

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Where can I get dye sub paper cut to buy online? Every retailer I go to only has rolls.

I want to stay away from conde, but they seem to be the go to!
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Coastal Business
I ordered from plastics and coastal, thanks guys!
What's wrong with conde
many reasons my friend, do a quick search and you'll be amazed.
I 2nd staying far away from Conde. I have done over $25k in business with them my first month starting out and all they did was lie to me and sell me stuff I didnt even need.

I had to literally beg for my refund after I returned an item I never even ordered from them.

I order everything from coastal and JP now even if its a little bit more, they treat you much better.
Oh. They been good to me plus it helps when there westcoast office is 5 minutes from me. Ryonet just moved about 8 minutes from me only thing I could wish for is my t shirt dist be 5 minutes away. Wait american apperal is. I use to work there so that's a plus. But I haven't had no issues with conde yet.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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