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Conde rep needed .. Price of Image Clip Darks??

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ok guys why is the new price of the image clip for darks so high?? i had a stock and i am getting short. I have priced them at triple the cost i paid before>..?? why??
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primarily image clip for darks 11x17.

last i paid was under $3.00 canadian. now i cant find it for under $6.00 american.

I had stepped into this business and bought an OKI printer to work with this paper. With great success. Now i will have no chance competing against screen printing for that costs. Whats up with that??
Are you sure your old price was for 11x17?
For laser?
Did you buy some from us?
Which oki do you have?
yep i still have the invoice.

i have an oki 8800N

great printer great prints with the paper but if it is costing you $3 for an 8x11 how would you compete against a silk screener.

you have to be competative here.

you figure $3 shirt, $3 print and ink not to count time time .. etc .. there is no room for profit.

please bring them down to a competative price like in the past.

I am sure you are noticing a decline in sales
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On Monday I will look into it.
Who is your Conde rep?
i did not buy from conde.

i bought mine in canada.

but that price seems to be what all are charging

i guess i am saying that most people using this paper for public sale of prints will be stopped due to the high price of the paper.

Am i the only one with this scenario?? Is there any other members wandering the same thing.

I am going to check with my canadian supplier on monday as well
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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