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Computer Suggestions

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I am looking upgrade my computer tower here. The main programs running on it is

Norton Anti Virus
Corel Draw x3
Corel Paint
Photo Shop (will be downloaded on the new computer)
Simple Seps

Software That might be added
Micrsoft Office Products
Microsoft Accounting

How much ram, ghz etc i'm not to good at all that stuff. Any suggestions would help me out a lot.

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Assuming you want a PC and don't want to revisit the PC vs Mac thread:
Have two discs so that you can have your scratch disc on a different drive.
A decent processor (avoid anything with celeron on it) check PassMark Software - CPU Benchmark Charts, i3,i5,i7 are nice.
Some RAM 3-4GB min.
Any computer with that spec will run your progs. If you have a better spec it will run them faster but cost more.
Oh - and get rid of Norton, I use AVG and Zonealarm.
Oh - and get rid of Norton, I use AVG and Zonealarm.
X2 on getting rid of Norton what a resource hog that isn't worth what you pay for it.

We use Avira and Comodo, along with malwarebytes.

Hope this helps....
X3 on getting rid of Norton... use AVG. Its like half the cost and it works sooooo much better.

As far as computer specs are concerned...
Minimum (this is what we are running right now, but the upgrades are in the mail):
Dual Core (2.5ghz) processor
1.5GB Ram
250 MB video card

Quad Core (around 2.5GHz will work)
4GB Ram
1X 60 GB HDD (used for OS and main programs) - 1X 1TB HDD (work files and other stuff)
1GB video card (this is only really necessary if you want to play games on here, but it will come in handy a few years later)

The tower should set you back roughly $750 - $1000 if you want it to last a few years. At my recommended specs, you should have to add RAM in about 3 years and bump it up to about 8-12 GB to make it last for a while.

PS: Get someone to build you a computer if you cant do it yourself. You will be able to add parts for years without having to shell out for a whole new computer. For our upgrades we are looking at bumping up to above the recommended specs I have here and it will cost us about $300-$400.
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X3 on getting rid of Norton... use AVG. Its like half the cost
AVG & Zonealarm are FREE:)
AVG & Zonealarm are FREE:)
They have AVG free, but if you want to buy a license and get more features, its like $25.
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