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I have an older computer and was looking into getting a new one. The old computer i was going to keep for entertainment and the new one specifically for business. I was wondering if anyone could direct me towards a desktop that is best for website design/upkeep, Graphic design, any tshirt printing, and also have it be good for business management. Also what printer to get with it that is best for heat press transfer paper and prints. On top of that what programs for each are the best. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hello Mike and :welcome:!

You have a wide range of choices for a computer to do what you need. From Windows PCs to Macs, you have a choice to go with either in that regard.

As for heat transfer printer suggestions, this will depend on whether you want to do inkjet or laser printer transfers. Spend some hours in the Heat Press and Heat Transfers forum to learn about those options.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to buying a computer:

  • Return policy if not satisfied within certain time frame

  • Original warranty & extended warranty details after purchase

  • Upgradeability

  • Ports (USB, Firewire, both for connecting peripherals such as a printer, external HD, digital camera and more)

  • Do you need Bluetooth and built-in WIFI capabilities?

  • Do you need networking capabilities? (i.e., built-in NIC or slot to install one?)

  • Operating system (based on what software you desire to use for graphic tee design, business management, web site creation, etc. Software is available for both Windows and Mac OS X to do all of your desired tasks.)

  • How long do you plan to keep it? (If 2 years, you may not spend as much as you would if you wanted 4 years out of a system.)
When it comes to desktop brands, here are my personal recommendations in the order listed:

  • Apple (Mac Pro or iMac)

  • HP (Pavilion Elite Series)

  • Dell (The XPS line)

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I think Dell is the only one offering MS XP on new computers rather than Vista...I would suggest that
I agree with Charles. Dell does still sell XP, it comes with Vista on another disk. You can always install Vista whenever you would like. They warranty the computer with both systems. You have to buy it thru the small buisness dept.

I would stay away from Vista too many horror stories.

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XP for your operating system
2 gb of memory... for XP... Vista utilizies more ram if you add it... XP works fine with photoshop/illustrator with 2gb of system memory
300gb or bigger hard drive... drives are super cheap now... 500gb for 75 dollars
intel core 2 duo or intel quad core 6600... very powerful
ati 4850.... 512mb... graphics card... 125-150 bucks... will eat up any graphics...
...make sure the computer has a powerful well built power supply... it's the most important part of the computer...
a cheap or underpowered power supply will give you random problems that will frive you nuts... trust me lol

make sure to get a good case with good airflow... heat kills electronics...
look into cases like these 3 below
antec 900... antec 1200...coolermaster HAF 932....
A little case may save space but will run hotter than a bigger case with good airflow...

Dell has a setup with the parts above and you can configure it if you wan't other things...
the parts that make up the computer i suggested above will do anything graphics wise and then some... and i'm guessing it will cost 1000-1200 dollars.. even less if you build it yourself
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