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I have decided to sell the screen printing shop we have. Its making money but I can not focus on running 2 businesses at once plus the added stress on my marriage isn't worth it.

This purchase will include:
1 Lawson 4 on 4 HD press with platens. Jacket hold down, sleeve platens too.
1 Lawson 6 on 6 HD Press with platens. Pocket master platen.
1 Lawson Encore 10' Dryer with 2 turbos and 3 burners.
1 Lawson Washout sink
1 Lawson Flash Dryer
1 Xante Laser printer for printing films
1 Light box homemade
1 spot cleaning gun
55 Screens various mesh mostly 110.
1 Rubbermaid storage cabinet
1 gallon emulsion (New)
1 Power washer
1 Scoop coater

1 HIX Heat press for doing Vinyl.

Many quarts of various color inks. Some new.
Many various extra shirts
Partial package of Laser Films
Several Squeegees, scrapers, Pelons,
All necessary chemicals and sprays.

Call "Rat"
Bring Cash and a big truck or trailer.
The price is $15,000. FIRM sorry I won't part it out.

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Hey Rodney Could you delete this please? I tried clicking on edit delete but deleting isn't an option or I'm just missing it.
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