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My wife and I started this business a couple years ago with ambition to get on our own financially and have fun bringing our artistic side into a home business.This lead us down a few other paths that tied the business into different groups in the community that make the Job really fun. Back May of this year we decided to also start a landscaping business, which is going really well.. As a Result We've decided to sell the screen printing business and focus on the landscaping business. I've had a lot of tire kickers and people wasting my time that just want to see how screen printing works. I don't have time to teach the neighborhood how to print. If you are seriously interested in the business Contact me.. Otherwise please dont waste my time. The Price is $8500 which might be a little negotiable. Would possibly entertain trading For $5000 and a registerable/inspectable Truck with a plow (3/4ton at least).

If you would like the business name/website/twitter.. etc i can include it for a little more.

Screen printing can be very lucrative if done correctly. My wife and I personally were more interested in music than sports so we focused our printing attention to the local music scene. There is a TON of money to be made doing sports apparel we just didnt have the drive to get that into it. Any who all of the equipment is in Top shape and will make getting started a cinch. I will offer to whoever buys the business a quick crash course in screen printing and such so you can start off on the right foot. The process isn't super hard but there is alot to it. Once you understand the screen preparation/setup the rest is a breeze :)

If you would like to print for a bunch of local bands I can include our Myspace account (which has a huge local band following) as well as our Twitter account. I will also show you the ropes on how to book and promote local shows if you are interested .You really dont need to do any booking or anything its just something we did on the side under the business name to make more connections with potential clients. This is a great way to get connected with more bands continually to increase the amount of orders you receive.
Here is what is included. (Prices are what i paid for everything) (I will not part out!) Equipment:

1 year old Riley Hopkins Win 4x4 (all heads down upgraded $1600 upgrade!) Purcahsed it new from Silk Screening Supplies (aka Ryonet) last spring $3500

Black Flash- Flash Dryer 1800w dries shirts in about 7-11 seconds the way we have it setup now ) $500

22 Newman roller Frames 18x22 100N $75ea

Newman Magnesium Wrench $175

Newman Newton Meter $300

Harco Exposure Unit (light table) Model MLC-2423 $700

"The Hot One" Heat Press (for doing heat transfers like lettering and numbers for sports apparel) $500

7 12" squeegies $10ea

2- 14" flying wing squeegies $15ea

10 brand new cans of Sprayway Mist Pallet adheisive $6ea

6-6" mini squeegues $5ea

around 30-50 gallons of ink $50-70ea Small box of letters and numbers for the heat press. $30

almost full liter of 1:30 CPS stencil Remover $40

Epson 2200 wide format printer $600
almost 100 waterproof 13x19 films for exposing screens $100
3- sets of shelving to hold all the ink. $50ea

nearly 500 transparencies for setting up the screens $300

A bunch of different chemicals and supplies for setup and cleanup

There are probably a ton of other things i'm forgetting too. These items add up to over $10,000

Looking for $8500 for everything.

Contact me (Chris) at:
[email protected]
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