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After 17 years of a great experience we are looking to sell our shop and retire. There is so much to list that I am sure I will forget a lot of things but here we go.

Antec Legend Manual Press - 6 color 6 station. We have a ton platters to go with this. They are all rubber top aluminum platters from action engineering. This is in my opinion the best manual press on the market. We paid approx $10,000 for this press alone.

Flash Cure units: we have 2 manual flash cure units that go with this press

Workhorse Quartz 2608 conveyor dryer. Have spare bulbs and elements as well. All elements were replaced approx a year ago.

Workhorse Sabre 6-8 automatic. This is the servo drive press and is amazing. I believe it is a 2016 model. Has a flash unit with this as well.

Exposure Units: 2 we have two DIY exposure units. One LED and one Metal Hallide. Metal Hallide burns a screen in approx 4:15 and the LED is about 2 minutes.

Ink: We have a huge selection of ink. We mainly carry two brands, Rutland and Atlas however there are a few other odd ones in the mix. We have both low bleed and cotton inks. My guess is we have over $3,000 in ink.

Epson 1430 film printer.

Screens. We have screens for both automatic 23x28 and manual 20x24. All are aluminum frame with various mesh from 110 to 305. We also have a couple Newman frames. Somewhere around a 100 total screen frames.

We have thousands of $$ worth of plank miscellaneous garments.

We have a 2017 Tajima TMBR embroidery machine with very low stitch count. We sub out all of embroidery, we just do very small jobs in house. Have lots of sizes of mighty hoops and attachments, thread, needles and such to go with it.

We have a small off brand heat press.

Please PM me with questions or more details.

Looking to get $65,000 or best offer
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